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Ok, it's really not a surprise to anyone (I don't think) that I'm still a huge Backstreet fan.  The only time I missed a concert since 1999 was last year when I was pregnant with Markus and couldn't travel all the way to Atlantic City to see them due to my sheer size.  Anyway, last night I had a dream about one of my favorite BSB fanfics from back in the day.  I actually managed to print out a copy of it before it was taken down from its website (YEARS AGO), but it's gotten me remembering a bunch of the old stuff I used to read.  A couple of stories really made an impact or were so interesting I still remember them and would love to reread, so I went looking.  

I was so sad that many, ok most, of the old sites are gone.  Every once in a while, I get nostalgic about the old days of BSB fandom, when all we could do was sit on message boards and talk about them, and collect pictures, and search for random bits of unreleased songs.  All in the days before Google made it easy.  I really miss those days.

Anyway, I think what I'm going to do is start saving any fic I read online that I love.  I hate that many authors choose to completely remove their fic from the internet when they're done with the fandom.  I've never understood it.  I also can't contact these authors (I've tried; their email addresses are no longer valid). 

I'm wondering, did anyone ever read Bobbi's Ta'Oth Trilogy back in the day?  Anyone got a copy somewhere?  I thought that was a great sci-fi BSB fic.  Can't find it anywhere.

Ok, that was my cheesiness for the day.  You may return to your regularly scheduled activities now!  Thanks much!

ETA: Never mind.  Found what I was looking for!
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