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Aug. 8th, 2008 11:06 am
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My parents are in the Dominican Republic until next Friday.  Their 30th wedding anniversary (bless them!) falls on Monday, August 11, so I want to have flowers sent to their hotel room.  I've contacted the hotel, and they are happy to help, but in order to place the flower order they'll need a copy of both my credit card and id. 

Would you do this?  I'd have to email them a pdf copy of these items, or fax them.  Either way, I feel a little vulnerable, while at the same time thinking "what the heck".

ETA: Thanks to [personal profile] heinous_bitca for the tip about 1800flowers, I have placed an international order for the flowers to be delivered on Monday, and contacted the hotel concierge to help by making sure the flowers are placed in my parents' room as soon as their romm # is assigned.  YAY!!


Aug. 5th, 2008 11:35 am
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So...seems the Twilight series is worth checking out?  ;)
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I had a few moments of sadness this morning for my little Queens apartment.  Oh, Forest Hills, I shall miss you with your proximity to everything that I need and your convenience.  I shall miss my sunken living room and large, bright bedroom.  Most of all, I shall miss my 6 closets, especially my boyfriend, the walk-in.  Many will be the times I think of you as I try to squish everything into about 1/4 of the space (while making Raph use the closet in the spare bedroom/office).  Raph and Mike D are packing everything into the truck (Robert bailed, the bum.  He got the time wrong and thought he was only needed in the afternoon so he'll be there later) right now.  I'm sitting at work trying not to think too much of the fact that tonight when I go "home" it will be to this foreign place, this uncharted territory.

It's called: New Jersey.

Alas, I shall attempt to take my own advice and accept this life change with as much grace as I can muster.  To a new beginning!


Jun. 26th, 2008 12:19 pm
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The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed. Well let's see.

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Does anyone know when the Deathly Hallows paperback is going to be released in the US?  It's being released in Canada on 1 July and the UK on 10 July, but no news about the US.  I'd buy the Canadian or UK version, except they'll cost me more than US $17, which is quite a lot for a mass market paperback in my opinion.  I really want to reread (I've only read it once), but can't see myself hauling the huge hardcover on the trains with me this summer.  


Jun. 4th, 2008 10:24 am
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I am so happy.  Barack Obama represents everything that can be right with this country and this government.  Finally!

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I wasn't sure how to tell you all my news, so I've chosen two pictures that will help get the message across. 


May. 27th, 2008 01:14 pm
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I've been feeling super nostalgic about fandom lately. Don't know where it came from, but there it is. I read the last chapter of [personal profile] madlori's HWATF, and what would have come after if she had continued with it, and it made the nostalgia even worse.  I found myself really missing reading fan fic, and posting more on livejournal.  I've actually never finished reading the Draco Trilogy, which is nuts considering that was my entree into fandom.  I think I'll go ahead and finish that (I'm taking a sick day) and maybe reread some other fics that I love.  
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And despite the fact we just bought a house in New Jersey, I always will be!
What American accent do you have?
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New York City. You are most definitely from New York City. Not New Jersey, not Connecticut. If you are from Jersey then you can probably get into New York City in 10 minutes or less.

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I know I procrastinate a lot.  I haven't cleaned my bathroom in over a week, and my floors need sweeping and mopping.  I understand that I have Mount Washmore to deal with because I'm backed up on laundry.  But when it comes to work, I really try not to let things go until the very last minute, especially when doing so will affect others.

WHY can't people extend that courtesy to me, ever? 

I just had a call from a person who not only wanted to access next year's budget, but then wanted me to rush a payment to have a check by Friday.  Um.  It's Tuesday.  Checks take 15-20 business days.  That means 3-4 weeks. 

You don't even know how often this happens.  I'm so sick of these people, and I don't want to do them any favors when it's clear it's their irresponsibility that leads to these "emergencies."
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I cannot believe the detectives who killed Sean Bell were acquitted.  There is no justice at all for this young man who was about to be married and start the next phase of his young life. 

Police shootings have always freaked me out, because I think there is a psychological influence here that is not given enough attention.  One thing I know is that there is extensive training on when/how to use your gun in dangerous situations.  The fact that so many bullets were fired in this case shows me that these officers were not using their best judgment, and were not following protocol.  Yes, they feared their lives were in danger, but you don't immediately shoot to kill.  You are a trained professional, you keep your head, you begin by shooting to disarm - oh, wait, there were no arms aimed against them.

I think the psychological rush of power that these people get in the line of duty sometimes clouds their judgment and intensifies their reaction.  They get trigger-happy.  They didn't even notice no bullets were coming at them.

And now they are going to go to sleep as free men tonight.  No recompense, no righting of their wrongs. 


Apr. 15th, 2008 05:26 pm
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OK.  So I know that JKR is suing Steve Vander Ark for copyright infringement or some other related "don't use my stuff to make money" thing.  But what I don't get is the animosity I'm seeing towards SVA here?  I mean, it's a very interesting case, and I mean to follow it in more detail, but I don't get the "hope she kicks his ass in court" feeling.  I am just a casual observer here, and have no strong feelings about it.  So why the snark/vindictiveness toward SVA?



Jan. 23rd, 2008 11:57 am
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My goodness, I never expected to feel so sad about Heath Ledger. I was so disturbed to hear what happened, and I am praying for his family and friends as they deal with this tragedy.
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What my name means )
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I found this fascinating. - The Most Impossible Quiz

And I found this surprising...I think the only reason they put Hillary first is that Clinton comes before Obama in alphabetical order...

95% Hillary Clinton
95% Barack Obama
93% John Edwards
91% Chris Dodd
86% Bill Richardson
81% Joe Biden
76% Dennis Kucinich
75% Mike Gravel
48% Rudy Giuliani
37% John McCain
31% Tom Tancredo
29% Mike Huckabee
28% Mitt Romney
16% Fred Thompson
9% Ron Paul

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz


Dec. 9th, 2007 08:54 pm
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I really liked this:

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Although I haven't yet started my Christmas cards/shopping, I saw this meme and thought it would be fun. Then I read it, and got FIVE BACKSTREET BOYS, so I had to post it! Kevin, I miss you! Come back next album!!! *is teenybopper at heart* :)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, acciopotter sent to me...
Twelve love-letters walking
Eleven movies writing
Ten concerts eating
Nine avocados cooking
Eight scrapbooks a-sleeping
Seven books a-traveling
Six hugs a-proofreading
Five ba-a-a-ackstreet boys
Four romance novels
Three gilmore girls
Two holding hands
...and a lifehouse in a draco/ginny.
Get your own Twelve Days:


Nov. 19th, 2007 11:02 pm
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It was a lovely day, my birthday.  I'm 27 today.  My mom was my first call of the day; as it should be, since it was just me and her on the first day.  We chatted for a few minutes before I went into the shower.  On the way to work, I had a few adventures.  First I forgot that I had taken my cash, credit/debit card, and id out of my wallet to stick into a small purse for Ericka's bridal shower yesterday.  I had to dig $0.85 in change to buy my coffee.  Then of course, I had to return to my apartment to get said money and wallet-fillers, stopping to grab an umbrella due to the fine drizzle that would have been ok by me, except I am now exclusively wearing glasses (contacts have irritated my eyes so much my left eye is still quite red).  Drizzle on my glasses is not cool. 

Then I got down to the subway station and discovered my metrocard had expired.  Thankfully I had the credit card now!  I bought a new monthly card (which kind of sucks because I am not using it on Thursday and Friday so the MTA bitches get my money for those days, fare hike my left foot!).  Hopped on the train and got a seat after a few stops, which in itself is a great birthday gift.  I started reading my new book, a gift from Ericka (who thought she was coming to my birthday party yesterday instead of her bridal shower!). Unfortunately when I was still several stops away, an older gentleman practically fell into my lap.  I looked up, thinking he'd been pushed into me with the rushing crowds of people streaming simultaneously onto and off of the train, but when he was helped up by a kind citizen (New Yorkers are very kind, generally), he slumped back down.  I freaked out momentarily because I was actually afraid for him, but he got up after that and seemed all right.  I said a prayer for him and tried to calm down and continue reading.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet.  Went to work, opened tonnes of e-cards (special thanks to [profile] alissomora for the birthday wishes!) and got a few nice calls.  I got to see both of my sisters (Brenda stopped by to see me and Natalie took me to lunch and gave a great Coach key ring).  Then a flower company called to verify my office address for a delivery, and very aggressively practically demanded that I be at my desk for the next "1.5 - 2 hours."  Um, excuse me?  Luckily they came within 40 minutes, and I was able to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my darling Raph.

I met up with Raph after work, and then he took me to dinner at a lovely French restaurant.

We had an elegant meal with a delicious bottle of wine.  The conversation was, as always, pleasant and fun.  I had a great birthday, despite the weird start and the pretty bland work day.  Here's looking forward to a fabulous year!

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Yes, I'm partying like it's 1999 - the Backstreet Boys have released their 7th studio album, and I have it!  I got it shortly after 8 this morning, after standing on line a mere 2 hours outside the Virgin Megastore in Times Square.  First 500 fans to buy the CD got a wristband to the album signing.  My sisters had been there all night and saved me a spot. 

Tonight, after 10 years of fandom, I am going to meet the Backstreet Boys!  OMG.  I feel like I'm 12.  LOL.  Even though I became a fan shortly before my 18th birthday and was definitely not alone in my age group on that line, I feel giddy as a 12 year old with a crush.


Kevin was my favorite Backstreet Boy, but as you can see, they're leaving his spot open for when/if he's ready to come back.


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