Apr. 15th, 2008 05:26 pm
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OK.  So I know that JKR is suing Steve Vander Ark for copyright infringement or some other related "don't use my stuff to make money" thing.  But what I don't get is the animosity I'm seeing towards SVA here?  I mean, it's a very interesting case, and I mean to follow it in more detail, but I don't get the "hope she kicks his ass in court" feeling.  I am just a casual observer here, and have no strong feelings about it.  So why the snark/vindictiveness toward SVA?

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I know this is a bittersweet time for most of us in HP Fandom. I have my own thoughts that I will type out a little later today.  I'm back at work today after 2 weeks of jury duty (back to the court next Tues and Wed though).  So I have to get some work done despite my desire to reflect on Harry and my life during the time I've known him.

But first: a conference question.  I've heard lots of talk among the flist about Terminus.  I would love to attend, but it may become difficult for me depending on when my parents' 30th wedding anniversary vow renewal and party will be.  Their anniversary is Aug. 11, but that's a weekday so I'm hoping the actual celebration events will be the weekend after.  If so, then I'll be at Terminus along with many of you all! 

However, there is also Portus.  Is anyone planning to go to that one?  The timing may work out better for me...

Are there any other cons I should be aware of?

Is it possible to ALREADY be suffering Harry withdrawal, before even getting my book? 

*le sigh*

ETA: Thanks for the encouragement to go to Terminus.  LOL.  I've also found Accio 2008 during my searches.  Who wants to go to England!?  ME!  :)


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