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It's Ash Wednesday, which for Catholics means going to Mass and having ashes put on our foreheads.  The entire Christian community recognizes the beginning of Lent, the 40 day period before Easter.  During Lent, Jesus fasted and prayed and came to a better understanding of what he had to do - the sacrifice he had to make to save us sinners.

Also, in today's world, it means banning certain sinners from church.  The Anglican Church is mandating that the Episcopal Church (which is considered the "US wing of world Anglicanism") stop allowing gays to be clergy and stop performing same-sex unions.  I think the Episcopal Church has the best attitude when it comes to accepting homosexuality: that it's the business of the person him or herself, and has no bearing on that person's faith.  Yes, we all know that the Bible says that homosexuality is wrong.  However, it also says that a host of other things are wrong, such as fornicating, masturbating, being jealous of someone else's possessions, cheating on your spouse, disobeying your parents (which is punishable by death!), and other things that regular churchgoers routinely do and don't feel guilt for and most importantly, are not ostracized for. 

If the Anglican Church wants to ban groups of sinners from their ranks, they're going to have to ban us all, because there isn't a single person I know who never commits a sin.  It's the forgiveness of sins that Jesus died for, and it's the way of Jesus that we as Christians are supposed to be emulating.  During this holy time of introspection, prayer, and for many of us, repentence for wrongdoing, how can these Anglican leaders think the exclusion of a certain group (who need our prayers so much, due to their being constantly demonized) can be right?


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