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Does anyone know when the Deathly Hallows paperback is going to be released in the US?  It's being released in Canada on 1 July and the UK on 10 July, but no news about the US.  I'd buy the Canadian or UK version, except they'll cost me more than US $17, which is quite a lot for a mass market paperback in my opinion.  I really want to reread (I've only read it once), but can't see myself hauling the huge hardcover on the trains with me this summer.  


May. 27th, 2008 01:14 pm
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I've been feeling super nostalgic about fandom lately. Don't know where it came from, but there it is. I read the last chapter of [personal profile] madlori's HWATF, and what would have come after if she had continued with it, and it made the nostalgia even worse.  I found myself really missing reading fan fic, and posting more on livejournal.  I've actually never finished reading the Draco Trilogy, which is nuts considering that was my entree into fandom.  I think I'll go ahead and finish that (I'm taking a sick day) and maybe reread some other fics that I love.  
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There is so much love that I need more time to organize my thoughts.  I'll be back as soon as I can with my review, loves/hates, etc. 
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I've put off writing about this for the sole reason that I don't really want to think about how this all ends.  But I want to get some of my ideas down before I read Deathly Hallows so I can laugh or cry at myself after I've read it.

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It's 20 minutes to midnight, which tonight is the magic hour that will find all of us Harry Potter fans alive with the excitement of the final installment.  Harry's final official story...the end of the series.  Leading up to tonight (although I will be receiving my book via Amazon sometime tomorrow), I've been feeling an increasing sense of melancholy.  Like most of you, I've been slowly bracing myself for the loss of Harry.

I know that Harry, no matter what, will live on in all of our hearts, and through our friendships and fan fiction and art.  But it is still a bittersweet time for fandom, and I am going to miss this anticipation, this desire to know more of Harry.  After this book, Deathly Hallows, we'll know everything J.K. Rowling means for us to know about her Harry.

Enough of my rambles: onward!  Gacked from [community profile] heidi8,
See you all on the other side of Deathly Hallows, my good friends.  I hope it's everything you want it to be, and if it isn't, I'm glad we have each other to lean on.

With you whatever happens.
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I know this is a bittersweet time for most of us in HP Fandom. I have my own thoughts that I will type out a little later today.  I'm back at work today after 2 weeks of jury duty (back to the court next Tues and Wed though).  So I have to get some work done despite my desire to reflect on Harry and my life during the time I've known him.

But first: a conference question.  I've heard lots of talk among the flist about Terminus.  I would love to attend, but it may become difficult for me depending on when my parents' 30th wedding anniversary vow renewal and party will be.  Their anniversary is Aug. 11, but that's a weekday so I'm hoping the actual celebration events will be the weekend after.  If so, then I'll be at Terminus along with many of you all! 

However, there is also Portus.  Is anyone planning to go to that one?  The timing may work out better for me...

Are there any other cons I should be aware of?

Is it possible to ALREADY be suffering Harry withdrawal, before even getting my book? 

*le sigh*

ETA: Thanks for the encouragement to go to Terminus.  LOL.  I've also found Accio 2008 during my searches.  Who wants to go to England!?  ME!  :)


Jul. 18th, 2007 09:41 pm
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Thanks to [profile] lidi for the kick-ass icon.  :) 

Also....hope everyone in midtown Manhattan's all right.  :/  Raph and I are okay; I've been in jury duty in Queens all week, and he took the LIRR home and avoided the area.  We didn't even know about it until we saw it on the news at 7 pm.  Everyone, take care.
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From [profile] hp_fridayfive:

1. Do you think Dumbledore, ultimately, did the right thing by leaving Harry with the Dursleys when he was a baby?
Yes.  Although I think the Dursleys are awful people, I believe that the bond to Lily that Petunia represents was important enough to keep Harry going there as long he did.  Also, I feel that through the adversity of that experience, Harry learned a lot about life.  It set his life up in a way that wouldn't have happened if he'd stayed with anyone else.

2. What minor, non-Voldemort-related plot would you most like to see revisited?
Anything in this series can turn out to be less 'minor' than we'd originally thought.  I want Percy Weasley resolution. 

3. Which character do you think would be most likely to betray others in their organisation (be it the Order, the DA, or even the Death Eaters)?
Draco Malfoy would betray the Death Eaters.  Snape already has betrayed the Death Eaters.  I hate to think of who'd betray the Order...but after last week, maybe it'd be McGonagall? 

4. Will the climax of book 7 be an epic battle? If not, then what?
I can't see ending any other way.  There needs to be an epic battle for the Wizarding World.

5. Will you be there for the release of book 7 at midnight?
As of this moment, no.
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From [profile] hp_fridayfive:

1. Which character evolution has been your favorite to read, and why?

Harry, definitely.  I think he's come such a long way from the shy, insecure boy we met in Sorceror's Stone.  He's no longer bumbling and awkward in his magic.  You can really see this growth when he heads up Dumbledore's Army, and I was very dissapointed not to see the DA come back in HBP. 

2. When Harry was originally sorted, the Sorting Hat told him he'd make a good Slytherin. How do you think Snape would have treated Harry had he been sorted into his own house?

Great question.  Snape still would have hated Harry.  Snape's treatment of Harry has always been based upon his hatred for James, which would not be different if Harry were in Slytherin instead of Gryffindor.  Harry would be different, though, and so would his friends.  He obviously would not have befriend Ron or Hermione.  This may have coloured his behavior, but acting like a Slytherin would not erase the fact that he is still James' son. 

3. Do you give any creedence to the "McGonagall is a spy" theory? Why or why not?

Eep!  I don't know this theory.  I would hate to think this were true.  I trust her like I trusted Dumbledore...maybe I shouldn't?  *runs off in search of McGonagall spy theory wrtitings*
ETA: Oh my.  I just read an essay about the McGonagall spy theory.  I can see how it might be true.  How devastating!  I mean, no one would suspect her!  She is Dumbledore's right hand woman.  I always assumed that she was on his side.  She's never done or said anything that would lead me to think she and Voldie are in cahoots.  But...she did want to close Hogwarts down after Dumbledore's death.  I remember how that shocked me when I read it, thinking McGonagall was being weak.  Maybe she was doing it for Voldie!  The horror!

4. Which character do you get a sense is JK Rowling's favorite? Why?

Harry.  The series is about him.

5. We all know that the last word of Book 7 is "scar." Write what you'd love to see as the last sentence, and make sure to include "scar" as the final word!

Now that Harry had saved the wizarding world from Voldemort and his evil Deatheaters, he was going to see about removing that damn SCAR!

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Brought to my attention by a fandomy post on [community profile] heidi8's journal, here be some Harryness.

1. How do you feel about Dumbledore's avoidance of Harry in OotP?

I thought Dumbledore made a huge mistake in avoiding Harry.  I've said before that Harry's biggest bane is not knowing.  He jumps to false conclusions and risks himself unnecessarily, taking Ron and Hermione along with him, when he doesn't know what is going on.  Dumbledore had good reason not to look into Harry's eyes...but he wasn't the only one who knew why that was necessary.  *Someone* should have told Harry.

2. Name a favorite crackpot Potter theory.

I'm rather fond of the Ron is Dumbledore theory, especially because it involves time travel, a favorite theme of mine!  EVen though...well, after HBP...*ahem*  ANYWAY, that's why it's called a CRACKPOT theory.  LMFAO.   I haven't been very fandom-minded in a while, though, so other theories escape me. 

3. Do you think Sirius (consciously or not) mistaking Harry for James actually caused more harm than good?

In a way, yes.  But honestly, you can't blame the man for wanting to see certain characteristics in Harry that he missed in James.  In the end, Harry IS a lot like James, in all the good ways that count, and I think Sirius understood that.

4. Tonks: Love her, hate her, or somewhere in-between?

I'm in-between.  I WANT to love her, but the losing of the powers thing really bothers me.  Get it together, girl, you're a professional!  People have been known to fall apart due to stress and unrequited love, but she barely had a chance to show that she could be KICK ASS before she fell apart.

5. What Hogwarts house would you definitely NOT belong in?

Maybe Gryffindor.  I like the idea of it, but I can be real chicken shit sometimes.  Not brave or whatever.


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