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And a note about friending/defriending/LJ politics: this isn't high school, but sometimes it resembles high school drama. I myself am guilty of having teeny-like wibble sessions when someone defriends me that I really like, and I sense that although it's not "personal," I will then be missing out on the life and experiences of someone I really like, because all the "good stuff" is said when a post is securely f-locked. But I have never emailed someone and asked to be friended back, and I have never defriended a person for defriending or not friending me. I have on occasion checked out my friend-of list and been surprised to see someone new there, so have checked their journal out and friended or not based on my impression, but I don't shout them out on my journal. I know some of my friends with HUGE friends-of lists will sometimes ask for people to say, "hi i'm mary and i friended you because..." which I do find interesting to read, but I just don't feel the need to do the same.

Except now that I'm thinking about it, I am kind of curious about why people friend me. Especially since I've been pretty MIA from lj as far as posting is concerned. I still read my flist compulsively, but gone are the days of daily posts from acciopotter. Hmm.


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