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Many of you know that my husband and I are college sweethearts.  Last week, the Alumni Affairs department contacted me to write a small blurb on how we met, and how NYU Stern played a part in our courtship.  Also, they asked for a picture to include in their upcoming Stern Sweethearts spread.  Below, our article, and the 2 pictures I emailed them. 

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Wishing everyone a very happy valentine's day! I know a lot of people take issue with the commercial quality of this and other big spender holidays, but I for one never shy away from an excuse to tell people I love them.

To Raph, my beloved husband, I offer this token:

And to all of you, my dear friends, a hearty wish for a day where you feel loved, and feel inclined to show love towards others.

For those of you who can't see past the commercial associations with candy, chocolate, and overpriced roses, see the following History of St. Valentine's Day, courtesy of your favorite free encyclopedia and mine, Wikipedia.

Enjoy everyone, and spread some love today!
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Tonight, Raph and I walked together in the rain.

We meant to just take a walk to the laundromat down the block (apparently the ONLY laundromat for miles...), just to see what time they closed. The laundry room in the basement of our building flooded over the weekend, and it's going to be out of commission until further notice, so we were just investigating our options.

But a walk in the rain, at night, after having dinner together and talking, holding hands, is so nice. The rain wasn't so heavy that it obscured our vision, or that it soaked through my sweatshirt. It didn't cause us to walk faster, or hug the sides of the buildings we passed for some shelter. We just talked, and walked, and held hands, and loved each other.

And the moment, the walking, the rain, we loved those too.


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