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I normally really like Matt Lauer but right now I am so uncomfortable watching him interrogate interview Michael Jackson's doctor's attorney on the Today show. First of all, this guy is a legal representative, not a a piece of the doctor's brain that can be picked through for details. And this is not a freaking trial, where this level of questioning or this tone may be taken on by a particularly aggressive cross-examiner.

Back off, seriously. :(

I'm totally freaked out that Michael Jackson and Billy Mays, both 50 years old, died suddenly within days of each other. My death phobia is in full effect; I've been anxious all weekend. I'm also disturbed that Michael Jackson's death and its ensuing media coverage has basically taken over the world. I was definitely shocked and saddened to hear of his death, and truly hope he rests in peace. But I really can't stand how the American media has a way of taking a story like this and covering it to the exclusion of all else. I mean, isn't Iran still in shambles after their election problems? Aren't our troops still sacrificing life and limb in the Middle East? Isn't anything else happening????

Not to mention Farrah Fawcett's death, not unexpected but still tragic after 3 years of suffering, has been all but forgotten despite the media's months-long vigil.

The Today Show just covered Michael Jackson's death and its aftermath (inquisition-style) for 20 minutes, and not a mention of Billy Mays' death in the top stories segment. I found out about it on the stupid crawl on the bottom of the screen.
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It stinks in Manhattan.

I smelled it first while on the train.  While I found it odd, I thought it was just limited to the train (it often stinks on the train). 

Hope they figure out where it's coming from soon!  I don't feel great knowing there is natural gas all over the damn place.  No match-lighting near me, please!
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I do hope everyone is ok. this is giving me some unpleasant flashbacks, to a day exactly 5 years and 1 month ago. I know this is probably an accident, but one can't help but be transported to that other time.


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