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Happy 2010!  This is my first post of the new year.  And it's a good one! 

I would love to share with you the very happy news that the baby we're expecting in early May is a GIRL!  I could not be happier!  She is healthy and thriving and kicking her mama from the inside like a good little fetus should.  The ultrasound tech thinks she'll be born in late April rather than May, which is exactly what I was thinking.  Like with Markus, I had the feeling from the beginning this baby would be a girl, so when it was confirmed, I just smiled and nodded.  We can't wait to meet Markus' baby sister, who for now we'll call "K."

In other news, I finally started taking driving lessons.  Living in the suburbs of NJ where nothing is less than a 20 minute walk is just not working out for the non-driving me.  I'm happy to report I've taken 4 hours of lessons so far with a great instructor (who happens to be my age which cracks me up) and I've been practicing as much as I can.  Which actually isn't much, since Raph gets home so late every night and it's always time to bathe Markus and put him to bed.  But this past weekend I did something I never thought I'd do: I drove to Long Island.  From New Jersey.  Over bridges, and through tunnels, and on like 4 major highways!  My friend was standing outside his house waiting for us when we got there and to see the look on his face when he saw me behind the wheel was awesome!  

And then, I did another thing I never thought I'd do.  I drove to my in-laws' apartment in Queens!  Again, over bridges (skipped the tunnel this time), and then I parallel parked.  By myself!  

I am so proud of myself.  I know I've bitched and moaned about not wanting to drive and being afraid many times.  I'm really glad I was finally able to change my attitude about the whole thing and just get it done.  I have my road test scheduled (I won't say the date because I'm superstitious and I don't want to jinx myself!) and I'll let you all know what happens. 


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