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Happy birthday to my darling husband, Raph.  Today we celebrate the day you entered this world, from which time you were destined to share my life.  I love you more than ever, and I wish you all the happiness you richly deserve. 

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I took this test after I saw [ profile] kingraph's results. My score was pretty kick-ass. LOL. I got a 100% on recognition (avg. 92%), meaning that I always remembered whether or not I saw the face before. I got a 79% (avg. 68%) on temporal memory, meaning that I didn't always remember WHEN I saw the face. Interestingly, the temporal memory is the one that is affected by tiredness or lack of sleep. Therefore being an even more impressive score, for all that it's the end of the day and this is when I'm at my most sluggish.

Take the Face Memory Test here.
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Tonight, Raph and I walked together in the rain.

We meant to just take a walk to the laundromat down the block (apparently the ONLY laundromat for miles...), just to see what time they closed. The laundry room in the basement of our building flooded over the weekend, and it's going to be out of commission until further notice, so we were just investigating our options.

But a walk in the rain, at night, after having dinner together and talking, holding hands, is so nice. The rain wasn't so heavy that it obscured our vision, or that it soaked through my sweatshirt. It didn't cause us to walk faster, or hug the sides of the buildings we passed for some shelter. We just talked, and walked, and held hands, and loved each other.

And the moment, the walking, the rain, we loved those too.


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