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Today I am spending the day at the Sleep Center Associates of NYC. I've been having trouble staying asleep at night for years, and finally I mentioned it to my doctor in my last check-up. I was referred to this center, and last night I was hooked up to a bunch of electrodes all over my head and face (I make quite the pretty picture, now), and I had to sleep at the center while my breathing and brain waves were monitored, as well as my leg movements.

The day study was not guaranteed; I have to stay for this because they didn't see anything in the night study that could be the cause of my inability to stay asleep (they did acknowledge I woke up a lot, though). During the day study I have to take a half hour nap every 2 hours. Let me tell you, it's hard going from the mental stimulus of surfing the internet or reading a book to napping on command. I thought it'd be easier to fall asleep than it has been. And then I feel that they wake me from the nap at just the crucial moment when I would have really slept, comfortably, deeply. But I swear that even within the confines of a 30 minute nap, I wake up a few times. I can't even nap undisturbed.

The people here are nice. I feel like I'm not getting a lot of info from them, but it's because they don't want to say too much before all the data is in. The sleep tech actually lives right across the street from me in Queens. Weird coincidence we discovered when I was given 4 menus to choose from to order lunch and I picked the same place he wanted to order from. I'm off now to go munch on some guacamole and fish tacos (actually, the menu said tacoS but only ONE showed up...) and drink my horchata. Ahh, good stuff.


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