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Have sold the registration and ball ticket. Still have a ticket for the Friday Keynote Dinner available, face value of $75. Looking to sell it for face value or best offer, so come on folks, who wants to attend the Keynote Dinner?

The discussion topic is Moral Twilight: When Absolutes Are Shadowed in Fantasy Literature, and published YA fantasy authors such as Holly Black, whose books I actually own and I am truly upset at the idea of missing her talk!
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Hey y'all. I have had a couple of offers, and am waiting to hear back from the first one, but am hopeful that the registration and ball ticket will sell. I will still have the Friday Keynote Dinner ticket available, so if anyone needs just that, please contact me at mysdiva19 @

Thanks to those of you who emailed me, and thanks to [ profile] silverbookworm for shouting out my ad in her journal!
markira: (Default) turns out that after I was so excited about being able to attend a Harry conference, I can't go! It's just not the best time for me and Raph to spend a bunch of money and go away for a weekend. What with our wedding, and 2 weddings back to back at the end of July, we need to be a little more tight with the pursestrings! So, I am selling my Witching Hour registration )

Thanks, y'all. Please feel free to link any interested parties to this post. :)


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