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One of the things I had hoped to see in HBP, that I discussed ad nauseum back in July, was a strong female character. The ones we have are ok, but I wanted one of them to come forth and kick some ass, or a new one to show up and kick some ass. Ass-kicking was a definite request of mine. As it turned out, we didn't get that Power Chick in HBP. Instead we got Hermione doing questionable jinxes to get her love interest on the Quidditch team, then reaming out Harry for pretending to give him luck potion! Instead we got McGonagall wondering if she should close Hogwarts down after the Heinous But Necessary Death! Instead we got Molly Weasley acting the same as always! Instead, and this one hurts the most, we got Tonks acting the lovesick teeny and not kicking any ass!!!!!!!!!

Very disappointing.

I was reading this essay on HP women today. The author has the most interesting take on Tonks I have ever seen. She writes, "Tonks is like a guy's perfect girl. He wants a blonde one day; she's blonde. He wants huge breasts the next and she has them. I could go on and on. The point is society places such an importance on physical beauty that a female character that can change her appearance to fit any standard or trend of beauty it would seem is perfect except it just highlights the problem in the first place. Tonks represents that instead of accepting our appearance and finding beauty in who we are, wouldn't it be great if we could just change it to whatever we, or more likely he, wants."

Fascinating! Tonks as every guy's wet dream! Whatever his pleasure, she's got it!

That may just be worse than her lovesick ridiculousness.

Now, there is always the little disclaimer I consider when wondering about all these things in the HP-verse, and that's JKR probably didn't intend for us to think this deeply about anything she writes. But still, we do, and things like this come up, and I do wonder what her response would be.



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