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After all the drama surrounding my Aunt Elsa's accident last Thursday, she is doing much better. The surgery on her broken ankle was successful, and they didn't need to do her back, which she says feels pretty good. Now they are teaching her how to walk on her crutches, and she's sitting up and able to move more. Hopefully they'll let her know today when she can expect to be released from the hospital. Aunt Nelly is flying up from D.R. on Friday to help out, and not a moment too soon, because...

From the Files of "When It Rains It Pours"
My other aunt, my uncle's wife, found out she has a tumor the size of an egg in her breast. It's advanced so that the tumor appears to have "roots," which means it's malignant[?]. She has to have surgery ASAP, and she may end up losing her breast. I cannot imagine, at all, what she must be going through, and she has an 11 year old daughter, too. So Aunt Nelly will have to do double mommy-supplement duties, with Elsa's kids and Bruni's.

What is it with the women in my family this week? Please LORD don't let this be one of the things that happens in threes, I don't think any of us can bear it.

I don't usually do this, but if anyone feels so inclined, please pray for my aunts. Or think positive thoughts for them. Thank you.


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