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Does anyone know when the Deathly Hallows paperback is going to be released in the US?  It's being released in Canada on 1 July and the UK on 10 July, but no news about the US.  I'd buy the Canadian or UK version, except they'll cost me more than US $17, which is quite a lot for a mass market paperback in my opinion.  I really want to reread (I've only read it once), but can't see myself hauling the huge hardcover on the trains with me this summer.  
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There is so much love that I need more time to organize my thoughts.  I'll be back as soon as I can with my review, loves/hates, etc. 
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I've put off writing about this for the sole reason that I don't really want to think about how this all ends.  But I want to get some of my ideas down before I read Deathly Hallows so I can laugh or cry at myself after I've read it.

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It's 20 minutes to midnight, which tonight is the magic hour that will find all of us Harry Potter fans alive with the excitement of the final installment.  Harry's final official story...the end of the series.  Leading up to tonight (although I will be receiving my book via Amazon sometime tomorrow), I've been feeling an increasing sense of melancholy.  Like most of you, I've been slowly bracing myself for the loss of Harry.

I know that Harry, no matter what, will live on in all of our hearts, and through our friendships and fan fiction and art.  But it is still a bittersweet time for fandom, and I am going to miss this anticipation, this desire to know more of Harry.  After this book, Deathly Hallows, we'll know everything J.K. Rowling means for us to know about her Harry.

Enough of my rambles: onward!  Gacked from [community profile] heidi8,
See you all on the other side of Deathly Hallows, my good friends.  I hope it's everything you want it to be, and if it isn't, I'm glad we have each other to lean on.

With you whatever happens.


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